Security and Privacy Policy
Indoavis Nusantara
Specialist in Geo-Informatics and Aeronautical Navigation Services

Thank you for reviewing the Indoavis Security and Privacy Policy. PT. Indoavis Nusantara are sensitive to the issue of confidentiality in online interactions and are committed to protecting individual security and privacy across our range of websites, products and services.
1. Purpose
This security and privacy policy applies to Indoavis with respect to compliance with applicable law and regulations regarding Personal Information. This policy establishes high-level responsibilities to ensure that the collection, use, disclosure and retention of Personal Information comply with applicable law and regulations in multiple jurisdictions. Due to variations in the regulations, many aspects of compliance can only be implemented at the local level.
2. Employee Training
Indoavis will train targeted Employees who have access to Personal Information in the care, handling and protection of Personal Information.
3. Security Incidents
If Indoavis or its Affiliates are made aware of any Security incidents, Indoavis will review and investigate in accordance with company policies and procedures, as well as any applicable statutes and regulations. Once a Security Incident has been determined to have taken place, Indoavis will conduct an investigation to determine root cause and implement reasonable solutions to ensure the safety and security of Personal Information in its custody. Affected individuals will be notified as reasonably practical after a Security Incident has been determined to have taken place unless Indoavis or its Affiliate is subject to a legal or regulatory constraint.
4. Definitions
Affiliate : A company not specifically part of Indoavis but operationally reports into Indoavis
Customer : A person or organization who receives products or services from Indoavis
Employee : Someone who is employed by Indoavis either as an Employee or a contract Employee
Personal Information : Information that specifically identifies as individual (such as an individual's name, address, e-mail address, telephone number or other identifier that permits the physical or online contacting of a specific individual) or that is associated with an identifiable person (such as demographic information or information about a person's activities when such information is linked to personally identifying information.
Security Incident : An incident where the confidentiality of Personal Information within Indoavis' custody has been materially compromised posing a reasonable possibility of harm
Uses Permitted : Indoavis' use of Personal Information includes.
  - Undertaking activities related to Accounts for Products and Services with agreed to terms
  - Managing an individual's relationship with Indoavis
  - Use within specific Indoavis products and/ or services
  - Improving Indoavis products, sites and services (by itself or in combination with data from other Indoavis offerings or third parties)
  - Risk assessment, information security management, statistical, trend analysis and planning purposes
  - Monitoring and recording calls and electronic communications for quality, training, investigation and fraud prevention purposes
  - Detection, prevention, investigation and prosecution of Employee crime
  - Undertaking normal and reasonable business activities
  - Administration and management of Employees (i.e. benefits, use of company assets, salary planning, etc.)
5. Dispute Resolution
Verification, correction or deletion of any Personal Information collected, or to communicate any questions or concerns regarding this Policy or Indoavis' and its Affiliates' treatment of Personal Information, please e-mail Please note that in certain circumstances, Personal Information may not be able to be removed or changed. Upon receipt of formal written complaints, it is Indoavis' policy to contact the complainant regarding any concerns.
6. Right to Revise/ Amend
Indoavis reserves the right to revise or amend this privacy policy at its sole discretion at any time