Airport Facility Directory-2013

Manufacturer : INDOAVIS  
Coverage :
- REGION 1 - Sumatera (60 Airport)
- REGION 2 - Java - Bali (32 Airport)
- REGION 3 - Kalimantan (45 Airport)
- REGION 4 - Nusa Tenggara (20 Airport)
- REGION 5 - Sulawesi-Maluku (44 Airport)
- REGION 6 - Papua-Maluku (49 Airport)
Information :

Airport Facility Directory is a comprehensive user guide and information about the existence of the airport (aerodrome), served as many as 250 spread across the archipelago Airports (Sabang to Merauke) a source of reliable data (AIP / NOTAM), and presented with a display that is easily understood graphics. Serve for business aviation, and support for users of aviation/Airport services.

Schedule and Non schedule International Flight, Private, Delivery, Ferry Flight, Foreign military aircraft entering or over flying Indonesia territory

Custom, Immigration Requirements, Travel Information within Indonesia, Public Health Requirements, Animal, Fish and Plant Quarantine

Aeronautical :
- Visual Aids to Helicopter Operation
- Airport signs and Runway Marking
- Airport Ground Lighting
- Airport reference Code
- Load classification of RWY & Aircraft alignment
- Radio communication and Frequencies.
Topograpichal :
Doc. Reference :
Remarks :
- Preface from Minister of Transportation Republic of Indonesia
- Preface from Directorate General of Air Communication
- Preface from President Director of Indoavis Nusantara